Director X is excited about “Superfly,” coming to theaters this weekend.

It’s Friday and Headkrack is encouraging everyone to go support “Superfly.”

Trevor Jackson and Jason Mitchell are staring in “Superfly,” which comes out this weekend.

Trevor Jackson & Jason Mitchell are set to star in the new “Superfly,” movie and fans are pretty excited about it.

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CASSIUS was onhand to get a first look at all things SuperFly. The remake, starring Trevor Jackson, hits theaters this June 15. Check out our time on the Atlanta set in the gallery here.

Over 45 years ago the Blaxploitation genre was at its heights and the film Super Fly, starring Ron O’Neal as Youngblood Priest, a cocaine dealer who wants one last score before leaving the game behind, is considered a classic. In an upcoming reboot from Director X, fans get a first look at the film in a […]