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CASSIUS was onhand to get a first look at all things SuperFly. The remake, starring Trevor Jackson, hits theaters this June 15.

Check out our time on the Atlanta set in the gallery here.

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1. Getting into character

Getting into character

Trevor Jackson so embodies effortless cool in his music, it’s easy to imagine he can bring that charisma to the silver screen.

2. Knowing why you play the game

Knowing why you play the game

Priest’s love interest Georgia is played by Lex Scott Davis. Recently, she’s played Alyse Craig in CBS’ series ‘Training Day.’

3. The Boss

The Boss

Rozay almost always brings a feeling of royalty to anything he’s in. This is no different.

4. ‘SuperFly’ Set Visit

‘SuperFly’ Set Visit

Priest is lost without his right-hand-man Eddie, who’s played by Jason Mitchell of ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and ‘Mudbound.’

5. ‘SuperFly’ Set Visit

‘SuperFly’ Set Visit

As enemies circle, Priest must come to terms with his place in the life he’s chosen.

6. Director X on set

Director X on set

Director X makes his big-budget directorial debut with ‘SuperFly,’ though he’s used to the glitz and glam after videos with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, and Usher.

7. Priest all alone

Priest all alone

Trevor Jackson takes up the role of Priest with panache, letting you know he’s a boss the 2018 way.