NFL’s Most Negative Fanbases According To Study Experts at the language learning platform Preply have conducted a study into the language used by football fans online last season. They analyzed the language content of fan comments across official subreddits of all NFL teams to find out which fanbases are the most positive and negative on social […] The post NFL’s Most Negative Fanbases According To Study appeared first on 93.5 / 107.5 The Fan.

With the Boston Celtics inked as the 2024 NBA Champions, teams are looking forward to next season. That includes trades and new hirings—like the Los Angeles Lakers, who’ve been on the hunt for a new coach and reportedly hired JJ Redick as the head coach. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Redick has signed a four-year […]

The Boston Celtics have made history. Last night, they won the 2024 NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks and became the league’s most-winning team, with 18 championship banners hanging from the rafters in TD Garden. The series was nearly a sweep, but Dallas’s blowout win at home last Friday prevented that. Back home, the Celtics […]

Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark have been constantly compared since they first faced off in the Women’s NCAA championship two years ago. Now, both have graduated to the WNBA and on Sunday, their teams, the Indiana Fever and Chicago Sky, faced off. Clark’s Fever bested Angel’s Sky 91-83 in their second professional matchup, as […]

Few things signal a beef nowadays, like an unfollow on social media. Now, pettiness has found its way into the Golden State Warriors locker room, which could signal that the dynasty is calling it quits. Over the weekend, it appeared time to get a headstart on Klay Thompson‘s offseason plans when the Splash Brother unfollowed […]

All hopes that the 2024 NBA Finals would be competitive are just about gone. Last night, the Boston Celtics took on the Dallas Mavericks, and with the latter finally having home-court advantage, it was thought the series would finally get interesting. However, it turns out the Celtics still came out on top and are currently […]

At this point, it should be more than obvious to us all that WNBA rookie Caitlin Clark has become a symbol of pride for white America. White people couldn’t just let her be a great basketball player, they had to make her their great white hope and their latest excuse for crapping all over Black […]

During the Golden State Warriors‘ peak, the team won three championships, yet Steph Curry received zero NBA Finals MVP awards. As the team leader, it’s easier to understand why that fact will haunt Steph’s career, but now we know that the stat may even get under Curry’s skin, which is usually cool, calm, and collected. During […]

The Top Ten Sports That Cause The Most Injuries When it comes to physical activity, sports are a fantastic way to stay fit, develop skills, and enjoy the thrill of competition. However, they also come with inherent risks. From high-impact collisions in contact sports to the repetitive strains of endurance activities, athletes of all levels […] The post The Top Ten Sports That Cause The Most Injuries appeared first on 93.5 / 107.5 The Fan.