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“Special” K. Douglas
Comedian / Writer / Radio Personality
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Karl \"Special\" K. Douglas holds it down daily since 2008 on the nationally syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show; the funniest and fastest growing morning show in the country. His evil genius comedic bits are heard daily by millions in dozens of the affiliate markets, and according to social media is responsible for causing drivers have fender benders and office workers to ruin keyboards with from spitting out coffee and juice! He also serves as the comedy writer for the morning show. As a stand-up comedian, he provides morale-boosting performances for corporate and family audiences and as well tours clubs and theaters nationally as a headliner. He has a traveling relationship advice seminar called “Laugh Therapy”, and in addition he’s also written a very funny book. He’s currently producing a TV show that gives viewers an inside perspective on the crazy, dramatic and interesting lives of comedians called, “Inside the GreenRoom” and has been called upon to work on film scripts and pursue some acting roles. “Special” K. Douglas is just a REALLY funny guy whose star is on the rise!

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