News You Can’t Use

For the news you can't use to this morning, Special K has an urgent PSA for those considering moving to Atlanta!

Who came up with all these random national days? Special K has a theory and more in News You Can't Use on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show!

We've got a special BHM segment of "News You Can't Use" for today, with resident clown Special K letting us in on a few Black inventions we rarely get credit for that are sure to enlighten while also making you laugh as per usual.

Can you relate to these phrases Special K is explaining? Don't forget to see him in Alabama at the StarDome Comedy Club!

Special K breaks down love songs and how the music doesn't even reflect the relationships these artists truly have. 

The year is 2045 and Special K has news that you absolutely can't use from the future.

After Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms pulled out the black mama card on Atlanta after ruining the city during the protests, Special K presented a tribute of things that only black mamas say.

Listen to Special K break down the top 10 subliminal death threats to beware of when dealing with a black woman, it may save a life.

What gospel artist do you think would be about that life if they weren't saved and sanctified?