With the Super Bowl just a few weeks away, today's "Gary's Tea" puts the focus on two recent headlines related to the biggest annual sporting event of the year.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones introduced a harsh rule that his players must stand for the National Anthem ahead of games despite new rules the NFL is set to introduce which may be more lenient. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott backed up his owner, saying protests for the anthem are out of place and take away […]

Free speech continues to be regulated by the NFL. In light of the league’s most recent announcement, one team will take the hit for their roster. The New York Jets have announced that they will absorb any fines dealt to their players that choose to take a knee during the national anthem. Co-owner Christopher Johnson […]

Still recovering from Fergie‘s national anthem performance this weekend? We’ll continue to help you clear your ears with some amazing “Star Bangled Banner” covers done right. Though great pop singers have delivered iconic versions of the song, it’s good to take things back to the roots every now and then. Legendary gospel singer Karen Clark-Sheard […]

Remember the First Amendment? Well, some people don’t want free speech to apply to NFL players, especially Rep. Milo Smith, a Republican from Indiana. He is proposing new legislation that will require the Indianapolis Colts to refund fans if a player kneels during a game. Smith said, “To me when they take a knee during […]

Papa John’s recently caught some backlash after they blamed low pizza sales on the NFL anthem protests.

Houston Texans team owner Bob McNair was under fire last week after his controversial “inmates running the prison” comment.