Issa Rae

Black fans of TV probably had a Tom Cruise “Oprah couch” moment when they heard Issa Rae confidently say she wanted “everybody Black” nominated for an Emmy to win.

Some loyal viewers of 'Insecure' are outraged the show does not depict proper condom use.

Issa rae reacted like all of us when she detailed her experience meeting Beyonce in one epic tweet. The Insecure star posted a video clip rehashing the moment she hugged Beyonce. Does this mean Beyonce watches Insecure? How do you think you would react if you met Beyonce? RELATED STORIES: Issa Rae, Elle […]

In a little over three months, fans of the breakout HBO hit series Insecure will get what they’ve been waiting for, as the comedy series will be making its return on July 23 for a second season that is sure to be just as funny, dramatic and memorable as the first.

Bold, clear and unapologetic, the talent in the list are champions in upholding the legacy of Black excellence.