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Issa Rae has a successful television show, a contract with CoverGirl, a best selling book and just schooled us on white male privilege. Rae usually gives it to us straight no filter and while speaking at Marriott’s EmpowerME speaker series she talked about some struggles minorities face while pursing a higher education.

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According to The Cut, while on stage Rae delivered a message that basically summed up privilege. Rae said, “They don’t get that we’re not all starting from the same starting point. Straight, cis, white men don’t have the same obstacles — there’s not much in their path. That’s not to say they don’t have any of their own problems, but the playing field is not level by any means. It’s easy for people to dismiss your history, dismiss where you came from. Just because we graduated from the same college doesn’t mean we have the same opportunities. There’s bias, even in the hiring process, and that’s something not enough people are aware of.”

She finished with, “It feels like a vicious Catch-22 when there aren’t diverse people behind the scenes. That [lack of diversity] alters the company or organization perspective, which means they’re not going to have people who look like the people they are trying to recruit. Even when we do these diversity events, I find that we tend to include other diverse people who also know the struggle and who are already familiar with the burdens, where the audience should be mostly white men and women. People aren’t aware, and they choose not to be. For so many people, unfortunately, the issues with people of color don’t affect them, so why would they burden themselves with caring?” Go head Issa Rae!

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