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Monica’s alter ego Goonica made a brief appearance to address a viral tweet about her relationship with 51-year-old incarcerated rapper Corey Miller aka C-Murder after visiting him in prison last week.

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It looks like C-Murder is adding Ben Crump to his legal team! 

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Master P and Monica exchange words over C-Murder.

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On  Sunday (Aug 16), Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to announce the next case that she will be working on to exonerate the prisoner who due to corruption was unable to receive a fair trial, saying she's going to put her resources along with Master P, Monica, and others toward helping free C-Murder.

C-Murder has been denied the opportunity for a retrial with his conviction for the 2002 killing of teenager Stevie Thomas in a New Orleans nightclub, according to reports.

A bombshell in C-Murder‘s attempts to get his 2002 murder conviction dropped came on Tuesday as a star witness says he lied when he testified that the No Limit rapper shot and killed a 16-year-old inside of the New Orleans nightclub in 2002. According to NOLA.com and multiple reports, Kenneth Jordan recanted his statement against C-Murder (real […]

Last month, C-Murder went on a hunger strike at Angola State Prison.

A couple years ago C-Murder was sentenced to life in prison.

Believe it or not, several famous folks have been accused of killing other people.  Many were involved in tragic accidents that resulted in deaths, while others committed cold-blooded murder.