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Azealia Banks is back to doing way too much. The struggle rapper is saying she did not cook her dead cat for brunch. As spotted on Hot New Hip Hop the Harlem native is now backtracking from a video she shared last week. In the cringe worthy clip she is seen digging up her dead cat. […]

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Banks got roasted by the internet for these new pictures.

Azealia Banks' 'Wild N' Out' episode airs tonight and from the looks of the teaser, it might not have been as bad as she made it seem.

If you look up the word controversial in the dictionary, right next to it you’ll find a beautiful, vibrant photo of Azealia Banks, her bright smile and possibly with a blunt in her hand. Real fans give credit where credit is due — but also call it like they see it. Hence the reason we’re […]

The "Invasion of Privacy" rapper is so fed up that even her Twitter account is private now too.

Azealia Banks was ready with the Cardi B haterade in Jarobi's Instagram comments.

Looks like Azealia Banks has put the social media drama behind her and is back to the entertainment world.

For some reason, Azealia Banks came at Remy Ma over the weekend on social media.