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Maria More and Rock-T have all your news for January 24th with the details about the mass shooting in California and the latest in sports.

Learn about the latest documents found at President Biden's home, how a leopard escaped a Dallas zoo, and more on the Front Page News!

Harvard is making history with the university's first black president and we've learned there was justice for Atatiana Jefferson.

We have an update in the Front Page News about toddlers and vaccines, the Georgia elections, and Kyrie Irving losing his deal.

There was another mass shooting over the weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado that left five dead and over 25 injured.

Brittney Griner is still going through it in Russia. She was denied appeal for a reduced prison sentence yesterday.

In the coming months, officials are saying the COVID-19 vaccines will begin to cost. Are you down for a robot doing work around the house?

Rock T also talks about this SWAC rival with Jackson State's coach Deion Sanders and Alabama State's coach Eddie Robinson Jr. 

California passed The Decriminalizing Artistic Expression Act which will make the use of rap lyrics during criminal trials as evidence hard

Maria More shares information you should know about Hurricane Ian coming towards Florida which may also affect the coast.