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Things Go From Bad To Worst For Ghost!

Things can’t get worst for Ghost right? WRONG! The prosecution now has the murder weapon in their position after Mike Sandoval planted it in his bar during a search at Truth.We sincerely hope that Dre didn’t turn off those cameras before Mike planted that gun. The prosecution also  got their murder one conviction on him and on top of that the D.O.J approved the death penalty. Also they are trying to nail Tommy also and prove that he is Ghost and they hope James will flip on him in the process.

Upon hearing the news Angela’s heart more than likely jumped into her throat, she didn’t think things would get to this point when she arrested Ghost. Proctor immediately breaks the bad news to Tasha and predictably she doesn’t take the news well.

She immediately goes to pay Angela a visit who looks like she is not happy about the fact that Ghost will possibly die. Angela also has some doubts about the murder weapon found at Truth because she knows Ghost isn’t that careless and so does Tasha. The two exchange some words with Tasha trying to understand why Angela is letting all of this happen?

Angela reveals to Tasha that Greg was her boyfriend before she started dealing with Ghost. The conversation between the two ends with Angela wishing she never went to Truth that night to see James and Tasha agreeing with her.

The final person to learn about Ghost’s possible fate is Tommy. Ghost gives his brother a call to inform him about the bad news that he may possibly get the needle. Tommy is visibly saddened by the news and assures his friend that he won’t go out like that.

Ghost asks Tommy to help him and of course Tommy agrees, he asks if Tommy can take care of his family for him? Tommy accepts that job and tells Ghost to keep his head up through all of this. The phone call ends and we are left with a haunting visual of a defeated Ghost behind steel bars.

All we gotta say is #FreeGhost! Proctor you better work your magic and get our guy out of there!

Make sure to check back with us for our recap of next week’s episode of Power!

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