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Tommy Gets His Respect!

Tommy being the head of the organization is learning on the fly things are not going to go as smoothly as he thought. The primeras are not really feeling the situation with Ghost so they are not really giving the respect to Tommy and his and crew they deserve.

During a meeting between the two crews Julio lets one of the primeras get out-of-pocket punch one of the crew without even checking them.

Tommy whom has already been warned by Proctor to lay low to help Ghost’s case and keep the heat off him finds out about the incident. Tommy is deeply disturbed to hear that Julio didn’t protect his or the organizations honor and decides to go correct the situation himself.

The goon’s smoke session is interrupted by a clearly upset Tommy who rolls up on him gun drawn. Tommy removes homeboy from his car and tells him to immediately start running. Tommy hops behind the wheel of his car and proceeds to chase him down the street with his own car.

Even though it’s not meant to be, this scene was hilarious as hell. Tommy eventually runs the guy over with his own car not once but twice for good measure.

Tommy makes it clear that he better not disrespect his organization ever again. Of course in extreme pain because there is a car crushing his leg he agrees and begs Tommy to get the car off of him. After he asks nicely, Tommy obliges revealing his leg has been fractured horribly.

The Rock Shares Video Of Broken Finger On Instagram

Bet you won’t ever disrespect Tommy and his crew ever again.

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