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Proctor Plays The Race Card

Proctor is hard at work defending his client James St.Patrick legally and in the public. Pulling out all the stops, Proctor takes to the media and makes it seem as if the prosecution is going after Ghost because he is a black man.

The brilliant move instantly gets team convict Ghost to react because who wants to be labeled a racist? To counter Proctor’s move they decide they should ask for a gag order.

Their move backfires on them as the judge denies the motion and tells them to get in the game.

We all need a Proctor on our side honestly. It’s a small victory for Proctor right now but the battle is still ongoing.The prosecution needs more evidence than just fingerprint and dna. That’s where Mike comes in, during a search of Truth, Mike conveniently plants the murder weapon in the bar in Ghost’s office.


Now here’s the thing, this all happened while Dre was on his way to shut off the camera system to hand over the tapes to the Feds. So it’s quite possible Mike may have been recorded in the act of framing Ghost.

We can only hope though! With the gun planted, Mike gets out of the office quickly before the feds search it. The gun is eventually found by Jerry Donovan. Boom they have the evidence they need to get their conviction!


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