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Ghost Draws Attention To Himself In Prison

Ghost is trying his absolute best to follow his lawyers advice and be James St.Patrick but people won’t leave him alone. On top of the guards assaulting him, he now has to worry about other inmates trying his patience.

While trying to enjoy his meal, Ghost is rudely interrupted by a fellow inmate who invites himself to join him while he dines on a biscuit.

In a quick turn of events we also find out the he want’s more than Ghost’s dry prison biscuit, he wants a piece of Ghost himself and we are not talking fisticuffs.

For a split second James goes away and Ghost comes out and he quickly dispatches biscuit boy by breaking his forearm quite easily. Unfortunately for Ghost his impressive defensive techniques has caught the attention of a fellow inmate Tony Teresi (William Sadler).

Teresi is a mob boss who is currently locked down for life, his case been put on the back burner thanks to assistant U.S. Attorney John Mak (Sung Kang) now focusing on Ghost’s case. His wife is on the outside dying of cancer and he is desperate to save her life.

After witnessing the little fracas between Ghost and Biscuit Boy he decides to do some digging on Ghost and learns some very interesting information that may prove benefitial to him. Hmmmm wonder what he is in store for Ghost now that he knows why exactly he is in prison for and whom he associates with.

We know he is definitely going to try some nonsense involving Ghost.


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