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Tommy and LaKeisha’s Dynamic Heats Up!

We were a bit skeptical of these two and their situation after last weeks premiere. Our suspicions were confirmed instantly in tonight’s episode!

Their first encounter has Keisha storming in Tommy’s apartment. She is super nervous after learning about Ghost not being granted bail and on top of that witnessing the feds raid Tasha’s apartment. Keisha wants out and wants Tommy and Tasha’s name off her shop’s paperwork. Tommy was like:

Tommy tells Keisha that she is already in too deep and any moves like that would bring more heat on them including her. Kesiha seems to understand but tells Tommy she’s only worried because of her son and that if he had child he would understand. Little does she know he did but that’s history now, but the comment seemed to strike a nerve in him.

He embraces Keisha and promises to her that her shop will be fine and that he will take care of her.Keisha was left feeling like:

Which now leads us to their second encounter of the episode. Tommy heads to Keisha’s apartment to blow off some steam after he learns something about his distro Julio.

You can sense the sex in the air immediately, things get steamy between the two once Tommy inquires if Keisha son is home and she tells him no. Before things get hot and heavy between two and they have sex by the dinner rolls, Keisha inquires about Holly.

Tommy immediately shuts that down and tells Keisha that Holly is old news aka had Christmas cancelled on her ass. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to our first sex scene for the new season and it was bit mild for Power standards.


After the pound session the two engage in some pillow talk of course. Tommy gets things rolling by asking if Keisha if she ever played in the snow before? Keisha tells him no, Tommy aka the blizzard is quite happy that he was the first white man she has ever been with. Keisha also tells Tommy about Tasha’s revenge affair with Shawn to get back at Ghost.Being that this was the first time Tommy heard of the affair and the fact Ghost knew about it he was like:

We also learn that Keisha still holds a grudge against her “best friend” for “stealing” Shawn away from her and she also feels Tasha is doing the same with her salon.

Keisha feels that if Tasha finds out about her and Tommy she will try to take Tommy away from her too.

In the end they both conclude that Tasha cannot find out about their relationship. Before Tommy walks out the door, Keisha tells him that he is the best thing that has happened to her recently. Tommy looked at her and was like:

Is Tommy trying to fall in love again? From the looks of that reaction… ISSA NO!


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