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Tariq Continues To Down A Dark Path With Kanan!

Tariq needs his ass whooped seriously! We understand being a teenager and going through some growing pains but this kid is the worst. Riq and his mom have a one on one conversation, Tasha is trying to connect with her son but he’s not listening at all.

Tasha brings up his dad’s younger years explaining that he used to run around with a rough crew. She mentions one name in particular and that’s Kanan and if he ever heard of him? Before Riq can give her an answer their moment is interrupted by a photographer taking photos of the two in the car while they are talking. Tasha is not having it lashes out at the photographer and breaks his camera.

Riq gets out of the car after he sees his mother’s behavior and walks into the school not impressed with what his mom just did.

While walking the halls Riq and Raina are approached three white punks.They ask Riq if the gun he brought to school was the one his father used to kill Knox? New and improved Riq gives them an unexpected answer and tells them maybe. They didn’t see that coming and walk away but Raina is completely over her bad ass brother. She tells him that she doesn’t even know him anymore and walks away leaving him in the hallway.

Fed up Riq whips out the phone Kanan gave him and calls him to vent and talk about his frustration with his parents.

He tells Kanan that his father was denied bail and asks him does that mean his father is guilty? Kanan tells the young impressionable kid that his dad “did that shit” and that “he’s guilty as fuck” and Riq believes him.

Kanan tells him to go see his dad even though Riq doesn’t want too. He tells him to keep up the good son act so no one suspects anything cause he plans for young Riq.

The two meet up at the apartment that Kanan still doesn’t have a key for. Kanan immediately asks what’s going on with his dad. Riq tells him he doesn’t want to talk about but instead asks Slim if he ever heard of someone named Kanan? Kanan tells Riq that he doesn’t need to worry about Kanan and that he is dead, the fact that Riq brought up that name doesn’t sit well with Kanan at all.

Since Riq didn’t tell Kanan it was his mom who asked him about Kanan, he automatically assumes it was Dre who brought up his real name.

Kanan puts the screws to Dre asking him if he told Riq about him? Dre denies he told Riq about him and asks Kanan why is still hanging with Tariq since he’s paying him? Kanan tells him to keep his mouth shut and keep the payments coming and that he is now paying Kanan to stay alive. Dre looked at Kanan like:

Power Season 2, Episode ( Recap

Welp looks like Dre is in deep trouble now!


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