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The St.Patrick Family Is Going Through It.

Tasha is doing her best to be strong and keep the family together during these trying times. With morale definitely at an all-time low after Ghost was denied bail, Tasha has to tell her kids their father isn’t coming home unfortunately. Riq could honestly care less but he’s doing a great job of pretending he is concerned while poor Raina is taking the news the hardest.

Tasha is navigating a very fine line of keeping a positive image of their father in her children’s heads that he would never kill anyone (if only that was true) ever.Riq already thinks his dad is guilty thanks to his buddy Slim oops we mean Kanan telling him that his dad is guilty already.

Tasha is still hopeful though and knowing she has to be the strong one preps her kids on how to handle the situation as best they can. She also reassured them that nothing is going to happen to their dad while he is in prison and that they will all be fine in the end.

The family pays a vist to their dad in a very emotional scene where Ghost lets them know he’s sorry for putting them in this position.

Ugh this is so painful to watch seeing Ghost like this.


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