Over the weekend in Washington, two professional athletes apparently tried serving one another the fade.

Rock-T is back with his NFL picks for the week.

President Donald Trump took time out of his busy schedule of ruining, excuse us, running the country and issued a tweet disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House, a typical custom after a major sports win. Many members of the Super Bowl championship squad had no intentions of attending the ceremony, including most, if […]

The Eagles won the Super Bowl and recently fans celebrated in Philadelphia at the parade.

Meek Mill is currently serving 2-4 years in prison after violating his probation.

Kevin Hart, a native of Philadelphia, was the highlight of the Eagles win against the New England Patriots. Obviously overjoyed by the unexpected win, Kevin got super drunk and not only dropped the F-bomb on national TV, but got denied entry by security before doing so. Check out the videos below. https://twitter.com/Vasu/status/960355997108797441     https://twitter.com/DatPiff/status/960361178328379392 […]