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China is retaliating after being called for alleged human rights abuses.

Not all edges need to be laid. Not all unlaid edges are racist. Some of you keep telling on yourselves.

Sales are down at a lot of retail stores and it is forcing many of them to close.


Terry Mango, who may live in the Sunken Place, doesn't see a racist connection.

A couple of weeks ago a video went viral of a teacher telling kids in his classroom to rub their hands together to stay warm.

H&M has been making headlines lately and it’s not because they are having a blowout sale.

R&B star The Weeknd has announced that he’s cutting ties with H&M after the release of an advertisement that shocked many upon discovery it this morning. The Canadian singer said that he is”deeply offended” by the photo, which shows a young black child in a hoodie that reads, “Coolest monkey in the jungle.” People all […]

Rapper G-Eazy is out here making a name for himself in hip-hop.