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Rickey Smiley got on Facebook Live because something was very heavy on his heart. That morning he went to breakfast and was speaking to a man at the counter. The man began to tell Rickey about how his son hasn’t been doing the things he needs to do in his life to make it better and how he was blaming his father for certain things.


Rickey has a message to parents who’s kids are over 17, he said,”Don’t allow your kids to hold you in bondage. You’ve raised them and yes as parents you’ve made mistakes, but your kids have to be determined to seek more education, to get a job and move forward with life. Rickey doesn’t want you to feel bad and feel like you’re in bondage.

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He also spoke about how you should let them go when they get older and let the world whip them. If you are still trying to take care of an adult child that doesn’t want to try to help themselves you aren’t living your best life. Don’t let them think they have a sense of entitlement and get rid of the bad energy. Sometimes tough love is the best love.

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