Meta, formerly known as The Facebook Group, is opening their first retail store. Much like many tech giants have done in the past, i.e. Apple, Meta wants to experiment with pushing its physical products in a physical space. The Meta Store is set to open at Meta’s company lots in Burlingame, California on May 9th. […]

In "Front Page News" today, Eva recaps ex-NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's ongoing sexual harassment charges, the new company changes over at Facebook — err, we mean Meta! — a huge multimillion-dollar settlement for families of the tragic 2015 Charleston church shooting and more.

It looks like Meta is not getting the welcomed reception Mark Zuckerberg was hoping for.

"Facebook’s persistent actions to undermine content moderation are the latest evidence that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook leadership will continue to sacrifice the safety of our communities to line their pockets."

Facebook is reportedly hoping a new name can help it shed its troubled image.

Media Justice is one of several organizations participating in a mass log out of Facebook on November 10, driving home the message that the social media giant needs to take heed of valid concerns raised over the platform’s governance. 

Wednesday morning (May 5), an independent oversight board announced that Facebook’s ban on former President Trump will continue. Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012, will also continue its ban on Trump. “The Board found that, in maintaining an unfounded narrative of electoral fraud and persistent calls to action, Mr. Trump created an environment […]

Billboard's Woman of the Year is now debuting with her very own show with Facebook Messenger that is sure to show the rapper's authenticity even more.