Klay Thompson has no interest in splitting up from his fellow Splash Brother. It’s been no secret that Thompon’s play has diminished, and his stats are a far cry from his sharp shooting numbers from 2016. But leaving the Golden State Warriors to take his talents elsewhere has not crossed his mind. Thompson will be […]

President Donald Trump’s next two years in the White House, if he makes it that long, will be void of the usual pomp and circumstance of inviting a major sports team celebrating a championship win. With teams such as the NFL world champion Philadelphia Eagles being disinvited due to their apparent lack of enthusiasm in […]

LeBron James came back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but fans might be disappointed once again if he decides to leave.

Black Tony is still trying to make that money he needs to pay back his debts.

Black Tony called Rickey Smiley from a casino down in Mississippi.

Kevin Durant's switch to the Golden State Warriors was a heavily criticized move.