Black Tony

Black Tony was in his feelings this morning and took it out on Rickey Smiley and threatened to quit claiming nobody came to his party.

Why would Black Tony need to borrow Rickey Smiley's passport?!

Rickey Smiley finally agrees with Black Tony's reasoning for not showing up today!

Hear how Black Tony shot his shot and where he wants to take Letoya Luckett out to dinner. Will she say yes?!

Listen to the video below to hear Black Tony and all the blessings he's grateful for including his job he never comes to!

Black Tony might be a daddy soon! Black Tony again didn't make it to work because he's nervous about being a father.

Da Brat is trying to explain to Black Tony what Labor Day is and why he should come to work today! Listen to his excuses in the video. 

We're live in the Bahamas for Rickey Smiley's birthday bash and Black Tony is on the way to the wrong island!

Black Tony is on house arrest! He says that he has an ankle monitor on so he can't travel but Da Brat may have some tips for Black Tony.

Black Tony says he has the opportunity to be in an intimate scene with Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda from P-Valley.