Brandon Elliot, 38, was seen on video kicking the 65-year-old woman and has been slapped with hate crime charges.

A woman who was told to “take a chill pill” did the complete opposite of that.

The New Bethany Missionary Baptist Church is mourning the loss of their beloved pastor.

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DJ Akademiks is not from Chicago, but has been known to say controversial things.

When Vic Mensa sat in on "Everyday Struggle," and got into it with DJ Akademiks.


A shooting spree in St. Louis left one person dead and six others critically injured on Friday.

Chance The Rapper spoke out about Donald Trump's plans for Chicago.

Jeezy shares his thoughts on the controversial issue of gun control. He explains why he doesn’t really think guns are the root of the problem- it’s the kids. He discusses what is at the source of Chicago’s terrible gun violence problem, saying that he thinks Chi-town was once “one of the most disciplined cities in […]