Quincy Jones spilled all of the tea during his infamous interview with Vulture earlier this year.

Quincy Jones is an icon living and in a recent interview shared more about some of our favorite music legends.

Legendary Jazz musician and epic storyteller Quincy Jones is getting his own Netflix documentary and who else better to direct than his own daughter, Rashida Jones. First announced on Wednesday (August 1) by the streaming giant, the doc titled Quincy will focus on Jones life using modern day and archival footage. Viewers will get to see […]

If you haven’t read the Quincy Jones interview yet you are missing a lot of tea.

Quincy Jones went viral after his interview with Vulture where he talked about Michael Jackson and claimed that Richard Pryor was bisexual.

The "Can We Talk' singer finally sets the record straight.

T-Pain explained how his attempt at a Quincy Jones tribute went flat.

Just about everybody is talking about that explosive new interview with Quincy Jones.

Quincy Jones is the music deity that some Millenials aren’t even aware of still exists and while he’s spent a lifetime piling up musical accolades, he’s also collected enough tea leaves to brew up something that’ll drive your taste buds crazy. The man who helped craft Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad recently caught […]

We’ve seen Toni Braxton and Birdman, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, but we never would’ve thought Quincy Jones and Ivanka Trump hooked up.