This weekend people will arrive to church extra sharp because it’s Easter Sunday!

Over the past several years we’ve seen a lot of artist use “lil” in their name.

Bernice Jenkins hasn’t spoken to Cora in a while and needed to call heaven.

They say in 2018 more people are going to try and shoot their shot.

We always hear Rickey Smiley talk about Porsha Williams, how she is pretty and always smells good.

The special music is playing and that means Special K is ready to give us some spoken word.

Rickey Smiley is feeling the Christmas spirit! He does what he calls the “hood rendition” of “Twas The Night Before Christmas.” He recites a heartfelt poem that tells the hilarious story of what the night before Christmas is really like in the hood. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Check on the exclusive video to hear […]

When Bernice Jenkins made her routine call to Cora and the rest of her friends in heaven, she got a treat and heard Maya Angelou recite a poem about Donald Trump winning the election. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Bernice also got to talk to Uncle Phil, and Tommy Ford. Plus, everything comes to a […]

Marcellus Buckley became known as The Ferguson Poet when he started riding his bicycle each day around town in the wake of Michael Brown‘s death, handing out and reciting poems to people. From there, he became the face and voice of an ongoing struggle for justice in the black community. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

Special K was inspired by spoken word performances by Big Krit and Lecrae at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. His spoken word, however, is about the 2016 election. He echoes black people’s concerns about knowing that Donald Trump is not the presidential pick for us, but not really feeling Hillary Clinton either. Sign Up For Our […]