Papa John’s

Papa John’s recently caught some backlash after they blamed low pizza sales on the NFL anthem protests.

Papa John’s normally doesn’t mind anyone eating their pizza, but recently spoke out about hate groups eating it.

This past week Papa John’s pizza CEO, John Schnatter, blamed the NFL protests for poor pizza sales. Papa John’s is a sponsor and advertiser of the NFL, and Schnatter believes athletes taking a knee against injustice has caused NFL viewership to drop — thus angering shareholders. Since news of Schnatter’s statement hit the web, Papa John’s […]

In SMH news, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter (for whatever reason) decided to troll the Internet on Wednesday by blaming the NFL’s National Anthem controversy for the food chain’s decline in sales.   Schnatter told Bloomberg, “The NFL has hurt us by not resolving the current debacle to the players’ and owners’ satisfaction. NFL […]

Bryson Tiller talks about his survival job working at Papa John’s before he made it big, and his days of living in his car. He opens up about adjusting to life on his first tour ever, and being away from his two year old daughter for the first time. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, he […]