From the afrobeats appreciation to Beyonce' coming back, 2022 was a great year for music. Check out this list of songs that were on repeat.

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  It was a great amount of music produced in 2022, but what sets artists and creatives apart are dope visuals that enhance the overall listening experience. While there are many factors that make up a quality video, we focused on the visuals that truly stood out in 2022.  The storyline,  breathtaking shots, dance choreography […]

Entertainment News

Take a look at 9 unintentionally controversial songs throughout the years that had heads knocking in addition to jaws dropping.

The Show

Rickey Smiley shook the table this morning asking his listeners to call in and share their opinion on the music on the morning show.  

Hip-Hop History Month

From the artists who undoubtedly launched the genre to the artists who followed up by creating sub-genres like gangsta rap and boom bap, there's tracks for everyone to enjoy.  We compiled them into a list for our Finish The Lyric quiz. Test your knowledge below. 

If you're looking for a playlist to set the vibes, we've got you covered.

As we look to celebrate this date this year following a slew of unjust murders and social unrest, here’s a playlist celebrating all of our melanin magic.

The Philadelphia rapper believes that he's a target of the police due to him being a Black man of means in America.

Megan The Stallion revealed today (Mar.4) that after stating that she was being stifled musically, her debut album, Suga will arrive on March 6.

Before there were iPods, smartphones, and CD players, there was the Walkman. To celebrate the technological advancements the 40th anniversary, Sony is dropping two new models of the portable music player.