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Farrah Franklin was a member of Destiny’s Child for a short period of time before they permanently became a trio.

Matthew Knowles is making headlines again after some think he has another Beyoncè on his hands.

Gary is back and he is talking all about Chris Brown.


The Urban Dictionary defines ‘Love Child’ as the illegitimate child of two adults conceived in a moment of passion.. . not to be confused with a ‘child of love’ which apparently is the exact opposite.  Here are some celebrities who have a love child or two.

Matthew Knowles is never one to stop his hustle. According to Special K, rumor has it that he’s about to introduce a new trio of singers to the world. He’s calling the new singing group “Destiny’s Grandparents,” and it’s apparently just what the world is crying out for! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! But which […]

Rumor has it original Destiny’s Child member and bestie to Queen Bey, Kelly Rowland was on her way to making that money when Matthew Knowles allegedly struck down a major deal and blocked her efforts! Click on the audio player to hear Gary Wit Da Tea explain further in this edition of Gary’s Tea! Sign Up For Our Newsletter![sailthru_widgetfields=”email” sailthru_list=”Rickey […]

Recently, ex-Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin was arrested for disorderly conduct. The incident is the latest proof of a vast difference between the lives of all of Destiny Child members and that of Beyonce, who has seemingly enjoyed nothing but success since the group’s last album ten years ago. What did Bey do that they didn’t? We […]

Tina Knowles, mother of super-star Beyonce, officially filed for divorce from her husband Matthew! The final decree of divorce was issued last month in a Texas court. According to TMZ Tina filed them on August 30. Mary J Blige Breaks Down “Mr. Wrong” For Her Fans [Exclusive] This comes after much speculation into the couples […]

Mathew Knowles is being accused of allegedly stealing money from daughter/client Beyonce. “According to the docs, Mathew claims Live Nation told Beyonce that Mathew ‘had stolen money from Beyonce on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that [he] was not entitled to. Mathew claims Live Nation was effective, because Beyonce had her law […]