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Recently, ex-Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin was arrested for disorderly conduct. The incident is the latest proof of a vast difference between the lives of all of Destiny Child members and that of Beyonce, who has seemingly enjoyed nothing but success since the group’s last album ten years ago. What did Bey do that they didn’t? We think we’ve figured it out.

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1. Have YOUR parents in charge (for the most part). In the early days of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles, managed Destiny’s Child and helped develop the work ethic by which Beyonce has earned her success. In interviews, Beyonce tells stories about his hardness on them in rehearsals and auditions, which helped them become great. Also, Momma Tina Knowles and costume designer extraordinaire has always provided her daughter with the right getup for the gig, and when is the last time you saw Bey lookin’ to’ up? Exactly.

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Make sure you get paid. She is listed as a co-writer on most of her songs, though her hits are mostly written by the likes of Ne-Yo, Timbaland, Pharrell andMiguel, and have been for years. Still, since she is a co-writer, she receives money for her hits like any songwriter would, which has only helped the growth of her empire. Smart move, Bey. Of course, we can also thank daddy Knowles for getting little Bey into that habit years ago.

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Marry well. We can’t say she married up, because as the song goes, she upgraded Jay Z to hip-hop royalty when they escaped paparazzi and media attention long enough to get married in 2008. This marriage solidified the two hit-makers as the first couple of hip-hop, joining their resources to create an empire, with which they would rule the game for the next six years.

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Have a baby that people talk about. Not only did Beyonce and Jay-Z form an empire, but they created a little heiress to that empire, lighting the internet ablaze in the process. To top off an already incredible VMA performance of “Love On Top” in 2011, Beyonce dropped the mic, turned to the side and showed off her baby-bump to the world for the first time. That moment broke a Twitter record, eliciting a whopping 8,868 mentions per second for Bey and helping to make that year’s VMAs the most watched television program in MTV history. The baby-bump bomb-drop also shot her album sales up immediately. That, my friends, is how you do it.

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Controlling your image. Rest assured, even in the midst of social media, internet hacking and ruthless paparazzi, there isn’t anything you know about Beyonce that she doesn’t want you to know. Even after a video was leaked of the now infamous Solange vs. Jay-Z Elevator Battle of 2014, we still don’t know exactly what went down and what lead Solange to let it all go and begin to batter her sister’s husband while she looked on helplessly. Her daughter, Blue Ivy is still seldom seen in photos unless Beyonce releases them, and often times they don’t even show her face. It is only recently that details of Beyonce & Jay Z’s marriage have begun to slip through the cracks, confirmed or not, and it’s been the consistent level of mystery surrounding Beyonce and her life that has kept us so thoroughly enthralled all these years.

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Be a perfectionist. The amount of work that goes into making sure all of her shows are near perfection is insurmountable. She even records all of her shows, and then watches the video of the show immediately after each performance. Everyone receives notes on what to improve on by the next day. That is dedication.

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Stay focused. Other members have found other priorities have occupied them at different points in life–sometimes not by choice. Kelly Rowland discusses having her hands full with an abusive relationship for years in “Dirty Laundry.” Farrah Franklin‘s recent arrest hints at other issues for the ex-Destiny’s Child member to address in her life, and consequently the energy necessary to address them won’t be spent on her career. In Beyonce’s case, however, she is never been off the map. There is at least one Beyonce hit for almost every year of the last two decades (and even a few movies), because she has never stopped working.

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