KFC is thinking about their message to the world during the pandemic.


It can be really frustrating when fast food workers don’t get your order right or don’t provide enough condiments and/or utensils to go with your food. But, one Kentucky woman took things way too far when she reportedly shot up a KFC after learning she had no fork or napkins. Yep — you read that right. She […]

Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced the release of a plant-based fried chicken recipe coming to stores! 

A Florida KFC employee was recently arrested for a finger-lickin’ fade.

Are you ever craving Taco Bell or KFC, but don’t want to leave home?

Most just go to KFC for the “finger licking good” chicken, but now on there website you can get more than just that.

So far, the chicken powder has gotten mixed reviews.

According to Special K, since Gabourey Sidibe has that new money from “Empire,” she made a new investment. Listen to the audio player to hear which most talked about food of the week she may be putting her coins into in this edition of News You Can’t Use! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED: Why […]

  In this edition of  News You Can’t Use, Special K reports actress Gabby Sidibe held 5 KFC employees against their will at her home. Listen to the hilarious audio to hear what she made them do! Click here for more New You Can’t Use and listen to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show“ weekdays from 6-10 am EST! RELATED: Gabourey […]