In The Hot Spot, we break down these lyrics and dissect why Drake would discuss the shooting incident between Megan and Tory Lanez.

It looks like Drake is taking shots at Megan Thee Stallion and the shooting incident with Tory Lanez.

The Taylor Swift versus Kanye West and Kanye West versus Drake beef may rise again once the pop star drops a hidden diss track from year ago.

It's looking like Drake is not being nice to his fans lately! One of his fans was ignored by the rapper and Gary is standing up for her!

Irv Gotti is calling out Drake for his new album, "Honestly, Nevermind." “Drake’s new album is not hip-hop,” Gotti said, “and he can do whatever he wants. Let me stress that: Drake can do whatever he wants.”

Drake has secured the bag, and it's a massive one. Universal Music Group revealed that has renegotiated its contract with the Toronto rap star and it sounds like an all-inclusive and expensive affair.

It is no secret Drake has an affinity for Jamaican culture. This week he proves it again by offering to buy a Toronto patty spot is about to close their doors. As per Hype Beast the self proclaimed 6 God is stepping up not only for his city but for mom and pop businesses. On Thursday, […]

Kanye West and Drake held a whole concert, that streamed on Amazon, in support of Larry Hoover. Needless to say, the Fed ain't feeling two A-list rappers supporting the founder of the Gangster Disciples, who is serving six life sentences, by the way.

Da Brat recaps Drake & Kanye West's epic night in hip-hop history for today's "Hot Spot," running down some highlights and speaking facts on if the publicity will benefit their cause to free Larry Hoover overall.