Black Men

Jeff Johnson dedicates his "3 Things" today to actress Regina King's late son that recently died as a result of suicide by highlighting the importance of staying up on mental and emotional health, particularly when it comes to Black men. 

Violence against black women is a growing epidemic, with spikes happening all over the country. Black women are constantly in the crosshairs of physical and mental abuse, usually by someone who claims to love them.

A Raleigh detective recently proved that not all cops are here to protect us after he was fired for conspiring to plant fake heroin on Black men with help from an informant and knowledge from other officers. 

We're losing so many of our black men so early, but what is the cause?

  These Black celeb men aren’t just good at their artistry, they’re great at being fathers!

Black men are so fine, when they smile a rainbow followed by a pot of gold spurts from their mouths and lands on your lap.

Getty When I first came across this tweet discussing the joys of 50/50 partnerships, I couldn’t figure out what was worse: the misguided attempt at wisdom by a seemingly prepubescent white girl or the fact that Black men and women were sharing and defending it like it was gospel. At first I thought the tweet was […]

From afros to locs and all the ranges of melanin, you'll undoubtedly find some style inspo for the man in your life (or a new model crush!).