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Is it a sin to put up a Christmas Tree? The post What Does The Bible Say About Putting Up Christmas Trees? appeared first on NewsOne.

According to the Associated Press President Donald Trump's recent decision to add tariffs on Chinese imports would lead to this.

Scot Byrd, who’s a veteran unfortunately lost his home in a devastating house fire last month.

We’re all busy people and try our best to make time to read the word of God, but sometimes we let other things get in the way of it.

The Grammy winning rapper says the recent birth of his nephew prompted his rededication to the Bible.

Whitney Houston's old Bible is on the market for $95,000 and the current owner is...


Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida has never been shy to share his love for God.


Black folks really, really love the Bible. That’s the conclusion of recent study that determined Bible reading habits among Christians. The American Bible Society’s “State Of The Bible” report says that 71% of African-Americans frequently study the Bible, compared to just 58% of all Americans. Only 6% of African-Americans are hostile toward the Bible, while […]