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SMH, Lil Fizz is at it again yall and it’s for reasons we would never imagine. Lil Fizz has been trending yet again because of an OnlyFans Nude video leak. If you’ll remember, earlier this year in February, Lil Fizz went viral for leaking videos of his mushroom top. B2K fans were quite shocked at […]

Omarion finally gives us the details on why B2K was ripped from The Millennium Tour in an interview and details on their relationship.  Omarion is still unbothered and making his checks. Speaking of checks, Kelis will be getting Netflix checks with her new show Cooked with Cannabis. If you’re needing some exercise, Debbie Allen is […]

The future of the Millennium Tour may be in jeopardy as it’s scheduled to come to a close later this month. Raz B is behind bars in Minneapolis for allegedly strangling his girlfriend. Local police took photos of her reported injuries as evidence. See Also: Already? Raz B Almost Quit B2K’s Millennium Tour The singer is […]

Earlier this week Raz B seemed triggered by his alleged sex abuser while on tour with B2K, but he’s keeping himself surrounded by his wifey.

Just before the new year hit, B2K broke the internet with news about their forthcoming Millennium Tour featuring Lil Fizz, Boog, Raz B, Omarion, and a bunch of other male solo acts and groups that rocked the 00’s.

B2K is coming to a city near you for their Millennium Tour featuring Chingy, Ying Yang Twins, Lloyd, Bobby V and Mario!

It’s been a long time coming ladies, but the sun has come out to shine on us.