Watch the official trailer for Keyshia Cole’s upcoming Lifetime biopic, Keyshia Cole: This Is My Story, which she stars in as herself.

As The Marathon Continues, so does the appreciation of the late, great Nipsey Hussle. The Grammys have announced that in honor of the rapper’s legacy, there will be an epic tribute performance at the 62nd annual awards this Sunday. The academy is looking to get it right, with performances by Hussle’s friends, collaborators and fellow […]

Earl Simmons, aka DMX turned 49 years old earlier this must, and it’s safe to say that the hip hop legend seems to be in a much better space than he was a few years ago. X has had lots of ups and downs in his lifetime, but he never failed to keep us entertained […]

Today marks 27 years since  Dr. Dre dropped one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time with The Chronic. 1992 seems like so long ago, but The Chronic has managed to stand the test of time and set the tone for West Coast rap for many generations to come. And to think that […]

In this day and age, players are more connected with their fans than ever before. Players can reach out and talk directly to fans without the middleman that can be the media. While this can be troublesome when not used correctly, it can also be a very rewarding experience for the fans. The latest collaboration […]

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Money really talks. A$AP Rocky has made an announcement that he will be the headlining a show in Sweden this coming December. The announcement comes in the months following A$AP’s very public, and widely publicized incarceration in the country. A$AP was arrested for assault, held in the country for three weeks, he wound up being […]

Eminem offending people is nothing new, but with today’s extremely sensitive landscape, one of his outlandish lyrics has finally caught up with him. In 2017 he rapped about President Trump‘s daughter Ivanka’s body in his trunk. “Donald Duck’s on, there’s a Tonka Truck in the yard,” Em raps. “But dog, how the fuck is Ivanka […]

Fat Joe Tells A Story About Ignoring Eminem’s Demo Multiple Times You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take–and for Fat Joe, that meant missing out on signing a rapper who turned out to be one of the biggest hip-hop acts of all time. This weekend, while speaking at a live event for Miami’s 99 […]

A visitor thought it was a good idea to apply lip gloss to Aaliyah's likeness.

To the surprise of no one, Drake and his most recent project Care Package has topped the Billboard Charts.