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Black Tony didn’t show up to work again and told Headkrack he’s on vacation. Headkrack mentioned that Black Tony is always away and needs to come to work. Black Tony then started talking about JahLion Sound and how he needs to stop talking weird.

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Headkrack had to explain to Black Tony that JahLion Sound is from the Virgin Islands and has an accent. Black Tony said that JahLion needs to talk “American” before Donald Trump sends him back to Mexico. He then asked Headkrack to help him because he’s stuck in Pittsburg.

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Black Tony went there on a buddy pass and can’t get on any flight. He asked Headkrack to put him on Megabus and then Rock-T began to laugh at him. Black Tony called his laugh stupid then said he was ugly. We will have to watch and see if Black Tony makes it to work this week.


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