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Lavar Ball is in the studio with “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” and is talking about his Big Baller brand as well as other options for kids after high school. When Lavar was playing basketball before he realized that endorsement deals was good and that you can make more money off the court than on it. He wants ball players to know their self worth.

Lavar began the JBA League for kids that are talented, but can’t go to college or pass the SAT exam. He mentioned that schools want you to study chemistry and other things they won’t use in the future, but the JBA gives them an opportunity. Lavar sells JBA jerseys and those kids get a percentage of money from the sales.

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They’re also able to stay near their family and could possibly get drafted from it. Lavar mentioned that when you go to college, the college and companies they work with are making money of your jersey and it’s not right. He also spoke about how all his sons tried different sports, but picked basketball.

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