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Warren Ballentine talks with “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” about the recents events of Black people being killed by White people. Nia Wilson was waiting for a train at the BART station when she was stabbed to death. A Black man in Clearwater, Florida was shot and killed by a White man and because of the stand your ground law won’t be charged.

Warren mentioned that we can march and that it’s ok, but we all need laws to change. We need to not only register to vote, but come and vote so that members of Congress will change these laws where people are getting away with murder. Warren also want an agenda to be made to change the laws and hold members accountable for not changing them.

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Rickey Smiley spoke about people carrying and concealing weapons and believes more Black people should. Warren mentioned how the incident in Clearwater could possibly just make a KKK member of White supremacist provoke you so that they can say their life was in danger so they shot a Black person. He also spoke about how we all came here on different ships, but right now we are all in the same boat with how the government is.

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