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40 Black Men & Youths Who Were Killed By Police  was originally published on

1. Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., 68

Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., 68

Chamberlain, a former Marine, was shot and killed after police were called to his home triggered by a heart monitor on November 19, 2011.

2. Ramarley Graham, 18

Ramarley Graham, 18

Ramarley Graham died on February 2, 2012 when NYPD officers chased Graham from the street into his Bronx, New York home without a warrant, fatally shooting him. Graham’s family received $3.9 million in a civil suit, filed against the NYPD.

3. Trayvon Martin, 17

Trayvon Martin, 17

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida, sparking a movement against excessive force and police violence.

4. Jonathan Ferrell, 24

Jonathan Ferrell, 24

Jonathan Ferrell was shot and killed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina police officer Randall Kerrick on September 14, 2013.

5. Omar Abrego, 37

Omar Abrego died on August 3, 2014 after a struggle with two LAPD sergeants during an arrest in South L.A. He died from the effects of cocaine, but also suffered “physical and emotional duress while taken under custody,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

6. Ezell Ford, 25

Ezell Ford, 25

Ezell Ford, whose family described him as mentally ill, died after he was shot multiple times by Los Angeles Police Department officers in Florence, California, on August 11, 2014.

7. Michael Sabbie, 35

Michael Sabbie, 35

Medical records show Sabbie died of heart muscle damage in a Texarkana, Arkansas jail in July 2015. But, a video released one year later shows several officers piling on top of him while he continuously yells, “I can’t breathe!” Moments later an officer sprays him in the face with pepper spray. After medical staff examined him, he collapsed and died overnight.

8. Delrawn Small, 37

Smalls was shot and killed by an off-duty officer on July 4, 2016 during a road-rage incident in Brooklyn, New York.

9. Alton Sterling, 37

Alton Sterling, 37

Alton Sterling was shot several times and killed by two White Baton Rouge police officers on July 5, 2016, after a homeless man called 911 and accused him of brandishing a gun outside a convenience store.

10. Philando Castile, 32

Philando Castile, 32

Philando Castile was fatally shot by Jeronimo Yanez, a St. Anthony, Minnesota police officer, on July 6, 2016, when he was pulled over in Falcon Heights, a suburb of St. Paul. His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, captured the aftermath of the shooting in a Facebook live stream, generating outrage around the globe.

11. Tyre King, 13

Tyre King, 13

Tyre King was shot and killed in Columbus, Ohio on September 14, 2016 after investigators said King pulled a weapon from his waistband when officers approached him. Later they later discovered it was a BB gun.

12. Terence Crutcher, 40

Terence Crutcher, 40

Terence Crutcher, a Tulsa, Oklahoma man, was tasered then fatally shot on September 16, 2016 after police responded to reports of stalled vehicle blocking the road. Crutcher had his hands up and was unarmed during the encounter.

13. Reginald Thomas, 36

Reginald Thomas, 36

On September 30, 2016 Thomas’ family called the Pasadena, California police stating he was in mental distress and under the influence. Thomas allegedely wielded a knife and a fire extinguisher towards police. Officers used a taser after he ignored commands to drop the item, police allege. He stopped breathing and was unable to be resuscitated.

14. Carnell Snell Jr., 18

Carnell Snell Jr., 18

LAPD police say Snell was a passenger in a car they pulled over with paper plates, suspicious the car was stolen. After pursuing Snell on foot, witnesses allege officers shot Snell 5 times while he ran away with his arms raised. Snell died on Saturday, October 1, 2016.