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Many celebrities have been boycotting the NFL. T.I. talked to “The Rickey Smiley Show” about boycotting the NFL for another season and mentioned that players rights aren’t being respected. He mentioned that the United States military pays the NFL for them to sing the national anthem at every game.

T.I. called that paid patriotism and spoke about how he’s seen girls cut up a flag to make a bathing suit and that’s just as disrespectful. People will be mad about players taking a knee for the national anthem, but won’t say anything about the innocent Black life that was taken. These are the reasons why T.I. won’t support the NFL.

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He even said he wouldn’t go to a game or buy a jersey. T.I. believes if people stop watching these games the Nielsen rate will go down and this will cause the NFL to lose money. When asked if he would perform for the Superbowl that will be in Atlanta next year, T.I. said he would for the right price. The money he makes from that will be used to create programs in low-income communities.

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