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Rickey Smiley spoke to some callers about if they liked the Prank Call for redneck humorand everyone seemed to like it. One caller said it was hilarious and another one said she is still hollering about it. Rickey mentioned that if you can make a comedian laugh then you’re good.

Jeff Johnson began to talk about Donald Trump picking Brett Kavanaugh as the nominee for the Supreme Court. If he’s picked he will be serving for about 30 years and determining what laws are. Some people don’t like him and Jeff mentioned that we need to call our senators if you want them to vote differently.

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If Kavanaugh is elected he could possibly vote on the Affordable Care Act as well as abortions. Jeff also talked about a 91-year-old man get beat up by a White woman and some White men. He was allegedly told to go back to Mexico and Jeff believes there need to be some public ass whippings of racists people. Jeff also spoke about the Global Citizen Festival that Jay Z and Beyonce will headline in honor of Nelson Mandela.

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