Sophia Rosing was arrested after a video went viral calling two black students racial slurs while drunk at a University of Kentucky dorm. 

A viral video shows a driver who crashed at a Trump rally in Santa Maria, California, get assaulted by supporters of the president who are claiming without proof that voter fraud determined the election's outcome.

In one of his Twitter missives, the former ESPN and MSNBC host made a weird tweet referencing LeVar Burton's iconic Kunta Kinte character, and the actor made sure to school Olbermann on his mishap.

A Florida sheriff’s deputy and his wife have become stars on the popular social media app Tik Tok by posting deeply offensive, racist videos, according to reports.

Rap legend Bun B and his wife Queenie had an altercation with an alleged racist even during the coronavirus pandemic. While in a Whataburger drive-through, Bun B tells that the woman began to honk at the couple and she then threatened to shoot them and called them the N-word. The UGK member recorded the incident […]

Taye Diggs used his Instagram to share his gym frustrations out on a certain group of people. He shared that he is a privileged black man and can afford to workout in a luxury gym and he has a problem with white people who don’t take the efforts to pick up their towels. LIKE US […]

The parents of Cenayia Edwards are asking for protection for their daughter, after the 14-year-old went undercover to expose her classmates racist group chat.

LaKambria Welch, a Mississippi State University student, posted a video on Saturday of the owners of Boone’s Camp Event Hall explaining that they would not rent their venue to her brother and his wife-to-be because they are an interracial couple. Welch told Deep South Voice that her brother and his white fiancee had been planning their upcoming […]