Waffle House

Kelvin Watson, 27, really wanted that All-Star Special without having to obey the rules.

Waffle House is investigating after employees at a Georgia location were seen on video pouring food on a passed-out customer and making him appear to dance.

One of the victims in the Waffle House shooting in Nashville was singing “Jesus Loves Me” moments before a gunman entered the restaurant and shot her to death, along with three others. Mourners at the funeral service for DeEbony Groves, 21, said her last moments reflected the life she lived. The senior at Belmont University was […]

The shooting at a Tennessee Waffle House that claimed the lives of four people is continuing to rock the nation. However, the hero in the story who managed to tackle and restrain the gunman, James Shaw Jr., is further expanding on his hero status by raising an impressive amount of money for the victims. https://twitter.com/CNN/status/989464119727349760 […]

A video of a young lady named, Chiquita Clemons-Howard went viral as officer threw her down to the ground and exposed her.