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A video of a young lady named, Chiquita Clemons-Howard went viral as officer threw her down to the ground and exposed her. Chiquita and a friend asked for a plastic knife and form and the waitress wanted to charge them money for it, which isn’t necessarily the policy. She then asked for the corporate phone numbers and that’s when the police were called.

When the officers got there they took Chiquita and assaulted her. Attorney Benjamin Crump mentioned that the officers didn’t ask any questions of witnesses and took The Waffle House’s narrative only. Two of the White women who were there came to the protest to speak out about the fact that the ladies did nothing wrong. Chiquita was unarmed, choked, exposed and it wasn’t right.

A protest in Alabama was held and Benjamin mentioned the police came with full force. He believes they’re trying to intimidate us and they won’t. This is a case of discrimination and he wants the company to know that we won’t spend our money there if something isn’t done about it.

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