Reading the commentary surrounding Kim and Kanye’s Vogue cover has been pure hilarity for entertainment purposes only. From the rumor that Kanye practically begged Vogue’s EIC,…

British Black actress Thandie Newton is calling out Vogue Magazine for its lack of love for colored girls. Newton, who is currently the face of Louis Vuitton’s “Double Exposure” campaign, is a bit perturbed that she hasn’t been asked to post for Vogue’s coveted cover. See Also: Soldier Arrested On Suspicion Of Espionage See Also: Is […]

Actress Thandie Newton is calling out Vogue magazine on its lack of love for Black women on their covers. While First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson have graced the cover of US Vogue, Newton still feels sisters are slighted–namely her. When I Studied Abroad: London In an interview with Pride magazine, Newton is […]