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Money expert Tarra Jackson hangs out in-studio to discuss finances! She explains why it’s crucial to be putting money away in savings for a rainy day, how that helps you build wealth over time, and just exactly how you can go about that. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, she discusses what kind of savings account is […]

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Special K took the liberty to come up with a few rules for side pieces to go by so as not to further complicate things for everyone. Listen to the audio player to hear the hilarious list in this exclusive audio from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show!” Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen […]

After Donald Sterling‘s wife won her lawsuit against V. Stiviano, we’re wondering if it really should be a wife’s right to sue her husband’s side chick, and a side chick calls up to explain why the answer to that question is no. Listen to this audio player to hear her side of the story, on The Rickey Smiley […]

Bishop Secular had a bit of an issue the other day at church. Listen to the audio player to hear how one man’s side piece brought…

Don’t shoot the messenger, but Special K has some side chick guidelines he would like to share. Listen to this edition of News You Can’t Use to hear the top 10 rules men expect their side pieces to know! Click here for more New You Can’t Use and listen to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show“ weekdays from 6-10 am EST! RELATED: The 10 Side […]

Let’s be honest. Some side chicks don’t know their place. Well, Special K is clearing everything up with 10 simple rules. Listen to the audio player to hear his 10 commandments all side chicks need to live by to keep everyone in the situation happy and drama-free! RELATED: 10 Signs You Know You’re A Side […]

Being a side chick usually isn’t by choice. Often times men make women side chicks without their knowing. Because of the increase in side chicks, Claudia Jordan decided to let women in on the signs to watch out for. Listen to the audio player to hear 10 ways you know you’re the side chick! RELATED: […]

In the latest edition of Paternity Test Tuesday, a 25-year-old woman sleeps with her now alleged baby daddy in exchange for getting her car fixed. Turns out the guy is twice her age and married with two kids. He denies being the father, but listen to the audio player to see how it all plays out! […]

We have an interest scenario in today’s Paternity Test Tuesday. The mom of baby Shar’Trice is actually her alleged baby’s daddy’s father’s side piece’s niece! Yeah, we know you probably need that to be repeated. Listen to the audio player to find out the break down of how an aunt and niece became side pieces to […]