Salt-N-Pepa along with DJ Spinderella were honored with their Hollywood star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! 

On Friday (Jan 22), Spinderealla took to Twitter to air out her grievances regarding the primetime film, stating that the fact she was written out of the iconic group's history was a "disappointment" with the decision of cutting her out, before adding that omittance is especially disheartening when the goal of the group's mission was to "empower women" to now "disempower" her.

Lifetime's "Salt-N-Pepa" Biopic reminded the world of their legendary legacy in music and fashion. Here's a look back at some of the fashion trends they inspired.

GG Townson & Laila Odom chat about the Salt-N-Pepa biopic that will be on Lifetime this Saturday!

GG Townson joins the show to give an insight into the Salt-N-Pepa film coming out on Lifetime.

Denton is suing Dr. Sayah for “disfiguring her.” She believes she will likely suffer from injuries for the rest of her life and will likely require even more surgery to do what she initially asked him to do and correct the mistakes he made with the other procedures.

Fresh off of the success of their Clark Sisters biopic, Lifetime is getting ready to chronicle the life and times of another famous female group: Salt-N-Pepa. We’ve been writing about the upcoming biopic for months but now there is a trailer. It first aired during the Clark Sisters biopic.

Naughty by Nature rapper Treach and his longtime love, Cicely Evans, tied the knot on Sunday in New Jersey. Out of all of the guests who attended their nuptials, , one attendee who certainly stood out was Treach’s ex-wife.

The drama between Spinderella and her former group mates Salt N Pepa keeps on sizzling.