richard pryor

A Pryor biopic was set to be made in 2016 starring Mike Epps, Oprah and Eddie Murphy but never made it off the ground.

We are about to get further insight on what made one of the greatest comedic minds tick. An in depth film on Richard Pryor will be here before you know it. As spotted on Vibe the legend will have his life chronicled like never before in an upcoming project. ABC News will be premiering a […]

Since Richard Pryor’s former bodyguard came forward with allegations that comedian sexually violated the late comedian’s son, Richard Pryor Jr., there have been several updates. Richard Pryor’s widow confirmed that she’d heard the story as well. Then, when TMZ, caught up with Pryor Jr., he said that not only were the claims true. any relationship […]

We’d like to extend a warning to those who may find the following subject matter sensitive...

Rain Pryor is forging a new path in the political field, after announcing her intent to run for Baltimore city council.

Quincy Jones went viral after his interview with Vulture where he talked about Michael Jackson and claimed that Richard Pryor was bisexual.

Since many, many years ago, rumors have been surfacing and fading away about the production of a Richard Pryor biopic. Eddie Murphy was the first name floated around to play the comedy legend, but since then there have been several other names and directors attached to the project. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Nick Cannon […]

Mike Epps' wife Mechelle revealed that she thought her loyalty could save her marriage but her husband's fame may have gone to his head.